Kraft Paper Bags

Standard Kraft Paper Bags or Deluxe Kraft paper Bags with PP Rope Handles

Kraft paper bags are manufactured through a slightly different process than the ordinary paper bag. The pulp that is used for making Kraft paper is of a much stronger quality ensuring higher durability.

Brown Kraft bags are naturally slightly darker than its paper counterpart but it can be bleached and dyed to achieve either white or various colour options. Dying and bleaching does not have an effect of the strength of the paper produced, which means your Kraft paper bag will be just as tough regardless of the colour.

Kraft bags can be used for many applications that ordinary paper bags can’t; content can be anything from cement to chemicals, private envelopes and flour bags. Kraft paper bags also make great gift bags for heavier presents as they are also more resistant to tearing than the traditional paper bag.

At Marvic Packaging, our Kraft bags come in an assortment of sizes and colours and as with all our products, we can tailor a customised option to meet your specific requirements.

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