Reusable Bags

At Marvic Packaging, we place a high value on our ecosystem, that’s why we stock reusable bags. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, plus they have a positive impact on Australia’s environment.

We offer specifically designed reusable shopping bags, non-woven bags for bottles and wine-cooler bags. Our promotional tote bags range included insulated single wine cooler holder, created to keep the wine temperature as cool as it was in your refrigerator at home.

Rather than coming home with another five plastic bags to add to your grocery store plastic bag range, use your reusable shopping bags. Take them with you to the store; they can accommodate heavy groceries because they are sturdy and durable, and (importantly) they’re environmentally friendly.

Besides carrier bags, these nifty cotton bags can be used for storage around your home for every day use such as pegs, laundry detergents and dry goods like potatoes and onions. They make great camping buddies as well so a large clunky cooler box won’t be needed. As an added benefit, these bags are durable and can be washed in your washing machine!

Go on, do your part for the environment.

Contact us, the packaging experts for any assistance you require about reusable shopping bags on 1800 422 008.