Marvic Packaging are committed to helping protect our environment, minimising waste and helping customers make better informed packaging decisions.

This can be achieved by recommending the most suitable product for the purpose intended, and providing alternative options where appropriate.

Bags provide users with the benefits of convenience, product protection and brand promotion where printed bags are used. There are few alternatives to the use of bags in many situations, so the choice becomes one of suitability.

In some cases the most suitable product may be one with some or all recycled content, it may be a re-usable material, a recyclable material, or it may degradable, biodegradable or combustible.

Despite common perceptions, paper is not always the most environmentally friendly alternative. The processes of pulping, bleaching, printing and laminating to create some paper bags can have a significantly higher environmental impact than certain plastic bags which may be easier to recycle, may be re-usable, or be made from already recycled, degradable or biodegradable materials. The addition of adhesives, dyes, ribbons or rope and reduce the capacity to recycle some paper bags.

Conversely, paper bags can also be made with recycled content and minimal processing to reduce the environment impact in manufacture and enable more effective recycling.